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How to Become a Digital Nomad With No Experience

Do you want to become a digital nomad so you can work online while you travel domestically or internationally? If so, there are many things to consider and a lot to prepare.  Out of all the things you need to consider, a top priority is how you’ll support yourself while you’re on the road. Of […]

Massive List of Resources for Becoming a Digital Nomad

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a digital nomad, of traveling the world while you work online, I’m sharing a massive list of resources to help you get going. I’ve been nomading for almost a decade on and off (I’ve come to realize my sweet spot is keeping a base, which I return to every […]

How to Avoid Stomach Problems When Traveling Abroad

Getting sick isn’t fun. Getting sick when you’re far from home is even worse. And the chances of sickness may feel higher in a foreign country where the foods are different, there’s a language barrier (maybe you didn’t quite understand what you were ordering), and your stomach may not be used to the local cuisine. […]

Safety Tips for Female Digital Nomads

If you’re a female digital nomad, or you’re thinking about becoming one, don’t feel afraid to travel solo. According to a Forbes.com article on best trips for women traveling alone, solo female travel is on the rise and now may be a great time for you to hit the road. This goes for short-term and […]