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Hello. I’m Alicia Joy. I help people who want to work from anywhere. I’m a writer, avid reader, and nomad. I've been a nomad off-and-on for almost a decade (I like returning to a base country at times). I love to share my own experiences and I'm a research nerd. I love to research stuff and share what I find. I do a ton of research on the topics of remote work, online freelancing, and nomadism. I share the most interesting bits I find.

Nomad Library

Nomad Library

Nomad Library

Freelance Referral Script

Freelance Referral Script

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31 Best Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

31 Best Jobs

Here are 31 of the best jobs you can do from anywhere

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Nomad Resource List

Nomad Resource List

A massive list of resources for working online and traveling.

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How to Become a Digital Nomad With No Experience

Do you want to become a digital nomad so you can work online while you travel domestically or internationally? If so, there are many things to consider and a lot to prepare.  Out of all the things you need to consider, a top priority is how you’ll support yourself while you’re on the road. Of […]

Massive List of Resources for Becoming a Digital Nomad

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a digital nomad, of traveling the world while you work online, I’m sharing a massive list of resources to help you get going. I’ve been nomading for almost a decade on and off (I’ve come to realize my sweet spot is keeping a base, which I return to every […]

How to Avoid Stomach Problems When Traveling Abroad

Getting sick isn’t fun. Getting sick when you’re far from home is even worse. And the chances of sickness may feel higher in a foreign country where the foods are different, there’s a language barrier (maybe you didn’t quite understand what you were ordering), and your stomach may not be used to the local cuisine. […]

Safety Tips for Female Digital Nomads

If you’re a female digital nomad, or you’re thinking about becoming one, don’t feel afraid to travel solo. According to a article on best trips for women traveling alone, solo female travel is on the rise and now may be a great time for you to hit the road. This goes for short-term and […]

A Few Snippets of Praise

“We partner with Alicia-Joy when we need thorough editing and proofreading work. It is essential our reports, case studies, and online documents meet a high standard of accuracy. Alicia-Joy helps us reach that standard. She is a pleasure to work with and always does an outstanding job.’ – Kevin Osborne, CEO MeWe360

“Alicia, your writing course was timely and extremely relevant to me. There is so much information on the internet, that I’d started getting overwhelmed and not sure what direction to take. What I loved most about the course, was the way you broke down the different writing styles. I appreciated the various resources you so generously gave us on where and how we can market our services. Going forward with my business, I now feel confident about the future because I have more clarity. I wish I had done this course earlier, It would have saved me a lot of time that I’ve wasted trying to figure out stuff. Thanks Again.”Joyce Fiodembo. International Nurse Support




“Alicia, you have been an invaluable source of support as my business & writing coach.  You helped me write my first book and inspired me to keep writing more. My business and my writing have both grown as a direct result of your help.”–Averel Carby, RN  All Health Academy



“Alicia-Joy did a fabulous job helping me write my ebook. She even shared ideas for blog articles and emails for my subscribers. I was so pleased with her work. She is pleasant to work with, and I look forward to working with her again.” Pauline Cornish