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I’m Alicia-Joy. I'm a writer, book editor, and book coach. I love travel and I love books. Maybe you do, too? I help nomads, travelers, expats, and people who've relocated internationally turn their stories into books. Most of us have intriguing stories to be told. We just need a nudge to get us going. Let's go on a book-writing journey together!

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Write faster, Here’s How

Some writing coaches tell you writing is easy and anyone can do it. I’m not one of those coaches. Writing is hard. Writing fast is even harder. It’s not impossible. Just hard. But like most things, it gets easier the more you do it. I want to help you write faster. But I don’t have […]

How to Write a Travel Memoir You Can Be Proud Of

“Whatever our theme in writing, it is old and tried. Whatever our place, it has been visited by the stranger, it will never be new again..” (On Writing, 2002). Eudora Welty (April 13, 1909 – July 23, 2001) explored the universality of themes and places in writing in her brilliant book On Writing. This universality, […]

How to Become a Confident Writer

Some conversations you never forget. When I told my mom of my plans to leave the nursing profession and become a writer, she laughed. Sitting at her living room table, skimming through a nursing magazine (it runs in the family), she didn’t look up at me. She just kept laughing. Maybe she was afraid that […]

How I Use Fear to Fuel My Writing

Ever felt so nervous your jaw clenched shut and your stomach filled with knots?  That’s how I feel before every storytelling or poetry performance. Not sometimes. Every. Single. Time. Do you know what I do when this happens?  I channel that energy into my performance. I’ve been doing this since high school speech and debate […]

A Snippet of Testimonials

“Alicia, your writing course was timely and extremely relevant to me. There is so much information on the internet, that I’d started getting overwhelmed and not sure what direction to take. What I loved most about the course, was the way you broke down the different writing styles. I appreciated the various resources you so generously gave us on where and how we can market our services. Going forward with my business, I now feel confident about the future because I have more clarity. I wish I had done this course earlier, It would have saved me a lot of time that I’ve wasted trying to figure out stuff. Thanks Again.”Joyce Fiodembo. International Nurse Support




“Alicia has been an invaluable source of support as my business & writing coach.  My business is more efficiently run, and has grown as a direct result of Alicia’s help.”–Averel Carby, RN  All Health Academy



“Alicia-Joy did a fabulous job helping me write my ebook. She even shared ideas for blog articles and emails for my subscribers. I was so pleased with her work. She is pleasant to work with, and I look forward to working with her again.” Pauline Cornish