Me + The World’s Biggest Bookstore (Toronto, Canada)

Today’s Nerdgasm is bitter sweet.

At the end of 2013, I was bouncing around in Canada.

While in Toronto, I was doing my usual research of nerdy places and interesting bookstores to visit and low and behold….

The World’s Biggest Bookstore. YAY! Heaven on Earth, could this be?

Of course, I recorded a video and took pictures for ya (it would be totally unusual of me NOT to walk around the store with a camera looking like a weirdo). A lot of the pictures are of the book sections that I love and frequent the most when I visit bookstores (yes, I visit bookstores JUST to visit them).

Most of the people I spoke with emphatically said it is NOT the World’s biggest bookstore. I concur. I don’t know how they have -and keep – that name. Is that false advertising? Can I walk around taking measurements, making comparisons, and then report them to the bookstore police? Maybe I can get a free book -or two.

Have a look at the video and let me know what you think. The store was FAR from fancy, but definitely got me all hot, bothered, and overly excited even if they are closing down (that’s the bitter part…the store will be closing this year).


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