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Join the  WORD TOUR baby!!!! That is right. Not a World tour, a WORD TOUR.

WORD! You in?


Your unique brilliance

+ The specific magnificent words that speak directly to your audience

= A website that even the Amish would be proud of.

So what exactly is a WORD TOUR with yours truly, Alicia-joy?

It’s a Month long virtual course with you, me +  your website getting down & dirty (I am actually a recovering germophobe so no REAL dirty will be involved).

I want to help you get crystal clear on that unique brilliance that is you, your audience, and how to sing your siren song to them. So there’s no way they click away. They know you. They get you. They are hungry for you. And they keep coming back to get their full.

So that when your peeps show up on your site with bags dragging and fingers aching from searching around the internet, they can kick off their shoes, unload their baggage, and relax. They know they belong. RIGHT THERE.

It is clear what you do, who you do it for, and why it matters.

It’s about your story

It’s about your message

It’s about your brand.


What’s included in this service? You get to pick what you need help with most:

1. An ABOUT page that isn’t the same-old-boring-narcissistic-drivel that’s on most ABOUT pages.  The ABOUT page is one of the most frequently visited web pages. You better damn well make sure that yours sings. And sings L-O-U-D-L-Y to your audience so they get you, get your message, and get exactly WHY they like you and why they NEED to stick around for more. Yea, all that in an ABOUT page. IT’S POWERFUL PEEPS. POWERFUL!

Why you care:

It’s the real deal. Someone lands on your website from somewhere else and everything may look nice (like a guy meeting a girl under the club strobe lights).  But come the next morning when the bright lights are out (when they hit your about page to really SEE who you are), this is where they decide if they are gonna call you. Or simply toss your number (website) aside. Let’s get that phone ringing.

2. Sales Page outline, headline, and sub-headlines of a product/service you are launching.

Why you care:

Maybe you already launched a product that disappointingly sold to just 10 people. Cry me a river. Stop whining about it. Let’s get that sucker ready for a RE-LAUNCH!

3. An outline for an auto-responder email seriesAuto-responders are one of the most powerful ways to leverage your time and communicate passively with prospects. Let’s create you a rocking auto-responder series of emails, load those bad boys up, and move on to something else. After all, spending evenings sipping sweet wine is SO much more fun than laboring over emails to send to subscribers on your email list.

Why you care:



Feed their hunger baby!

And yes, that point was so important that it HAD to be in ALL CAPS. HAD TO BE.

4. An overhaul of the page & content structure of your website.

Does your website FLOW? Where do most people enter your site? Where do they go next? Are you guiding them towards specific pages/posts/offerings?

Why you care:

Where do you WANT readers to go? There’s a high chance that where you want them land is not where they are landing (or worse yet, leaving altogether).

5. Blog post ideas. Sick of feeling stuck on ideas for blog posts? Have you ran out of what to write about? Newsflash: you haven’t run out. You just need a spark, a little fire down there (not that kind of fire down there….this is a good kind).

Why you care:

Because keeping up your blog is the reason why people will come back to find out what’s new, refer others, and build a relationship of trust with you. Also, it is a non-corny way to display your expertise, (hopefully) gives your readers what they are there for, and don’t forget: makes Google happy. Frequency of updated content factors into Google ranking. Keep. Google. Happy.

6. PRODUCT & SERVICE ideas. Brilliant products and services that match your brilliant talents and skills.

Why you care:

Because you are in business. You sell products/services to people who need them. Enough said (or written).

7. Guest post strategy. Who should you approach for guest post opportunities? Where do you find them? What do you say to pitch your guest appearance? Plus, I throw in a few guest blog post ideas to get you rockin and rollin.

Why you care:

Guest posting still remains a fantastic way to get more exposure (you may not have traffic yet, but writing guest post for a site that does have traffic puts you in front of….well… TRAFFIC which hopefully reads your byline in the post, clicks through to find out more and visit your site. WIN!). It’s also good for SEO backlinks.

You get to mix and match. Pick 2 services to rock your entrepreneurial world.


Here’s how it works:

1. You complete the contact form below.

2. Either myself or a member of my team gets in touch with you within 48 business hours.

3. Once we agree on the project and timeline, you get to grab your WORD TOUR ticket.

4. You send your ticket deposit ($150).

5. We send you a WORD TOUR packing list (a series of super nosy questions for me to know where you are and how to help you rock it out!

6. We schedule a call & you pay your remaining balance ($150)

8. We rock it out on your call.

9. I do my thing (research your audience/competition/you and WRITE your sizzling-sintillating-website-copy outlines).

10. We jump back on a quick call to review the copy outlines I have written for your site and also to get caught up on the latest celebrity gossip (kidding of course. I hate celebrity gossip).

11.Within 48 business hours of our call, I email you the final copy and you come away from the word tour with the ultimate souvenirs (rocking guidance and words for your website magnificence).

Depending upon where I am in the World, your WORD TOUR can be in person or all via phone or Skype call.


Enter your best contact info and a few brief details about your project/website. Let the adventure begin!

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A sample of praise from past clients:

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]

Alicia has been an invaluable source of support as my business coach.  Her expertise in the intricacies of business development and marketing is exceptional.  My business is more effeciently run, and has grown as a direct result of Alicia’s coaching.

–Averel Carby, RN



[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]

All of your products are of top quality and are HIGHLY useful to me! You truly are a prolific product creator! So glad I stumbled on your site!

-Mallesha Malcom, NY, USA


[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]

Alicia, you have simplified marketing for me. I used to feel so confused about what to do to increase my business. The guidance you gave me worked. Your coaching works. You work! Im really excited and want to thank you for your help. Quitting my job is finally within reach.

-Jenna T., RN BSN. Port St Lucie, FL[/quote]

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]

“For several years I dreamed of becoming a nurse entrepreneur. I got so caught up in reading, learning and surfing the internet I was actually doing NOTHING and going NOWHERE.  I thought maybe I could do it on my own. But we are nurses, not business people.

One day I stumbled upon one of Alicia’s websites Transitions in Nursing. I emailed Alicia and she emailed me back. She offered a phone session and during that session Alicia gave me hope and support to make my dream reality.

After that I started coaching with Alicia. With Alicia’s help and support I have developed a real business. She gives me resources, information, holds me to be accountable for my business and motivates me when I feel discouraged. I am now in the Mastermind group also. I could not have gotten this far in my business without Alicia. If I had to do it all over again, the only thing I would do differently is start coaching with Alicia sooner.”

-Sharonda Hankerson -A.S.E.T. Consulting Services, Inc. RN, BSN, MSN Fort Launderdale, FL


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