Nerdy in Miami

When you think of Miami, you probably think glitz, glamour, beaches, and hip hotels. These are some of the very reasons I despised Miami for oh-so-long. Until….

I found a few spots that even us nerds would find interesting:

1.Books & Books

Independent, locally owned bookstores with several locations in the Miami area. They also host author events, offer limited edition books and manuscripts, and they have a gift shop located in The Coral Gables Museum.

**See the links below for a list of other indie bookstores

2.Miami Book Fair International

Every November, thousands of book lovers and authors attend this spectacular event for adults and children. It is a full week long and is host to a ton of events, meet-ups, and all manner of book loving fun.

3. Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival

Although this event was already held in January of this year (2014), the founders continue to host other interesting events such as the recent lecture on How to make sci-fi films. We will have to stay tuned to see if they host the fest again next year. Fingers crossed. The event featured independent films and was an opportunity for sci-fi filmmakers -especially those local to Miami – to engage, interact, and showcase their talent.

Check out their website


Facebook page

More links of interest:

1. A list of independent bookstores in the Miami area: Bookstore Guide

2. Are you into Renaissance Festivals? Check out Renfaire SFL

3. For gamers/larpers: Sunshine Adventure Gaming

If you know of any more weird & nerdy places in Miami, please share.








maimi book fair

photo by: Karen Green