You Don’t Have To Cross The Globe To Help Someone In Need

You probably know by now that I love purposeful travel. In between leisure adventures, I love cultural immersion, language learning and especially volunteering and contributing as I travel.

Everybody knows that you should only volunteer internationally when you travel, right?

L-U-D-I-C-R-O-U-S, I say. Ludicrous (in my best Mike Tyson voice).

What can you do where you are?

Right now (Ok. Don’t jump up in your jammies and run outside looking for people who need your help. You may scare someone).

But there are always opportunities to help people locally.

People you know:

  • Do you have an elderly relative who may be alone and could use help (or at the very least a person to talk to)?
  • Is a friend/co-worker struggling with something that you could help with?
  • Maybe you have disabled or sick or elderly or just-plain-exhausted neighbors who could use a helping hand with something? (shoveling snow? raking leaves? mowing the lawn?)

People you don’t know:

Here are a few of the experiences I have had right at home. Some I did for years, and others just for a day. Which of these would you do:

Embrace your inner nerd- Adult Literacy (teaching people how to read).

Let food be a unifier -Food distribution (holidays and any day when they have a need)

Surround yourself with wisdom – Care Facilities (nursing homes usually welcome a regular helping hand). 

Race to help – races and charity events are a marrrvelous way to help (+ often meet a bunch of cool peeps)

There are so many ways you can contribute in your community. Visit a community center, library, or search online to find opportunities to help.

Then, get out of your jammies (if you even where jammies…oh la la) and GO!







Photo by: Harsha K R


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