The Upside Down House; Mallorca, Spain

Do you feel like your house is upside down? Are things scattered everywhere and you never get around to putting everything in place? ¬†Well here’s some good news: there is a house that is certifiably more-upside-down than yours. Yay! Now you can relax and feel better about your pig sty upside down abode.

So what exactly is this structure located in Mallorca, Spain? Its formal name is Katmandu. It is a theme park that is built to look like a big house that is upside down. Its description boasts that “adventure awaits….¬†Step into a mythical world of unexpected adventure, exciting rides, epic 4D encounters”

I had no particular interest in what was actually INSIDE the house (it was a bit on the pricey side for me and appeared to be more of a family attraction).

I visited the upside down house…well…just because. When you are in these parts (Magaluf, Mallorca Spain), there’s not much else to do but party and partying in a club in the middle of the day is so unappealing. So I went and I took pictures for you and even a short-short video. Repeat: it’s short. Take a look:





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2 thoughts on “The Upside Down House; Mallorca, Spain

  1. Hi Malorie,

    Glad you like the pics. It was cool. My experience with Spain so far is that it is big. The different regions, languages/dialects and sub-cultures all within the one country make it interesting. :)

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