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Why you should consider joining me + 7 other (amazing) creative entrepreneurs

2016 I’m hosting a few retreats. Not the kind where you’re pampered all day with massages and facials (although that would be nice).

The kind where we all bring our big online writing projects and tack away at them. We’ll brainstorm ideas, share resources, get inspired, and have time to create.

Perhaps you have something you’d like to launch online or dedicate your energy to, but you’re not sure where to start. Or how to¬†should start. Maybe it’s a book you’d like to write. Or a website you want to start. Or a course you’d like to create and launch.

Whatever your idea is, we’ll flesh it out together and give you the concrete steps to get moving.

To get a different result – at anything in life – you have to do something different. This is your chance.

Why Me?

I’ve been at this online business thing for a minute (over 4 years). I started with a few nursing sites (the sites are still there, but I no longer maintain them). That was an interesting niche. I created courses, coached, wrote ebooks, held workshops. But most importantly, I helped nurses. A lot of nurses who were transitioning in their careers or who wanted to do something online (at the time, I was writing full time).

Since my nursing sites, I’ve ambled around doing different online gigs. I like to think it was my avoidance of fully owning the title of writer. Working online hasn’t been all wonderful. I’ve had to learn (the hard way) how to not have the feast or famine that can come with entrepreneurship. I’ve also had to learn how to focus. This is still my #1 challenge. But, I’ve learned some solid strategies that help keep me on track.

When & Where?

I’ll be posting info about the retreat dates and locations during the 1st few weeks of January. The retreats will be (mostly) international. So far I’m planning Barcelona (May), Ecuador (October), Mexico (December).And maybe 2 more (in North America).

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