The Scenic Town of Swanage, England

A close family friend invited me to spend 4 splendid days in their delightful cottage in a Town called Swanage. The small town sits in the County of Dorset, which is South West England. With rolling green hills in one direction, and the English shore in the other, there are stunning views all around.

houses sea cliff swanage dorset

Swanage is a lovely place for walking, running, cycling, sailing. Basically, if you enjoy outdoor sports, you will not be bored in Swanage. There are footpaths amid the hills, sandy beaches, and long winding roads with (mostly) friendly drivers.

A literary fact for my fellow lit nerds: A few moons ago, the town was also home to Authors Enid Blyton & Thomas Hardy.

This was just the peaceful place I needed right now. The town has a quiet and relaxed feeling about it that invites you to sit on the sand and breathe the ocean air or spend all afternoon getting lost in the country hills (Thank goodness…I didn’t get lost this time)

I went on a few peaceful walks along footpaths in the hills.

Some paths were straddling cliffs with gorgeous ocean views. The cute dog in the picture below is Twiglet. :)

overlooking cliffs swanage dorset england great britain


overlooking cliffs swanage dorset england great britain


Other times I felt deep in the English country-side where I passed sprawling farms and roaming animals (Yes, those are goats).

goats swanage dorset england great britain


There’s an interesting historic site, Durlston Castle, with an exhibition. restaurant, even more gorgeous views, and a stone globe that dates back to 1891.

cliffs swanage dorset england great britain


globe swanage dorset england great britain

On one of my walks I passed a railway where a steam train is a unique attraction for tourists.On the way back down, I caught a glimpse of the Steam emerging through the trees:

steam train in swanage dorset england uk

One day, I stumbled onto a bunch of barns and derelict buildings that seem abandoned. But it was eerie. There were tractors and trucks here and there but no sign of life. Maybe the work is seasonal? Maybe they all take a communal lunch break? A few too many maybes for me. I watch way too many movies, so I didn’t stick around to find out where the people were. I headed in another direction.

abandoned barnes and buildings in swanage dorset england uk great britain

The beach

beach swanage dorset england great britain

I enjoyed my time here and cannot wait to return someday. I love it when I have no  expectations of a place and I am blown away with the actual experience. Most pleasant surprise.


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