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I am Alicia-joy and you’ve strutted your stuff over the interwebs ¬†and right onto Tired? Cozy up & relax.adv nerd collage

I am a nomad who loves weird and nerdy things and weird and nerdy travel.

To find out more about me and my story, click here: MY STORY

Areas of interest on this website:

Off the beaten path travel

I love to explore places that are more unique, less traveled. Some people call this off-the-beaten-path. I call it weird and nerdy travel as most of my travel highlights are to do with weird and nerdy things.

You can find these here: Weird-Nerdy Travel

What’s your bliss? Hopefully I can help.

Book & movie recommendations (mostly travel related)

I love reading. I love books. You should too. It’s one of the best ways to build your focus. And everybody knows that focus and concentration are the new superheroes.

I also love bookstores, libraries, and other unique book places (I also feature these places and my weird & nerdy travel stories)

When I read a book that I like, I share it with you. You can find book recommendations here: Book-Talk

On books, reading + the hippest places in town (aka bookstores):

How to read more & read longer. It’s about improving your concentration.

Can a book help you find true love? This one may (or at least help you figure out what in the world true romantic love feels like).

Why was Leonardo Da Vinci such a genius? This book tells you why. It also explains how we can be genius every day. Sound impossible? Check it out for yourself.

How to get free books on your kindle (legally) or other reading device and also how to send pdf’s and other files to your kindle

Language learning tips

Language learning tip: become a kid again

On learning German (or any language)

I am addicted (to this language learning tool)

Learning something new? How NOT to feel like a dumbass

Spanish language learning tools & resources

How NOT to learn a language

International volunteering

Book Review: Underground Guide to International Volunteering

You don’t always have to cross the globe to help someone in need

Cameroon Project

Living a nomadic life:

Solo travel & the stickiness of solitude

How to start your own nomadic journey

Going nomad? Here’s a hurdle you will have to get over.

What happens when my plans go all wrong

Creating time and space to get stuff done

On business + creating income:

What’s your business made of?

Stop chasing someone else’s dream

Making a living without a job

Multiple streams of income profit projects

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And Lastly, Sh*t I’ve learnt

This is something I have started recently to share about some of the random things I learn along my travels. Click here

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