A Few Weird & Nerdy Spots in London

London is known for its famous tourist attractions. Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, The London Eye blah blah blah YAWN.

Here are some of my favorite weird & nerdy spots that may not be as popular as The Big Ben, but are way more interesting (if you’re into these nerdy type of things).

The Book Barge:

book barge london england uk great britain

The book barge is exactly what the name says it is. It’s a delightful little floating bookshop. How many bookshops on water have you been to in your life? Exactly! Well worth the visit.

Photo by: George Terezakis

Are you a theater lover?

theater lovers london england theatre

Check out Angel’s-Costumiers. The boast “the largest collection of costumes and accessories anywhere in the world.” Yes, you read that right. The largest collection.  They have been around for 170 years and they love what they do. It’s obvious.

Contact them to find out about touring their facility.

 Persephone Bookshop

persephone books london

I love bookshops. Obviously. As I travel, I look to find unique bookshops. This is one of them. Here’s where thy stand out from any bookshop you have probably been to before: ” Each one in our collection of 107 books is intelligent, thought-provoking and beautifully written, and most are perfect presents or a good choice for reading groups.”

Photo by Derya

The Maritime Museum

greenwhich maritime museum london england travel great britain

The museum is featured in many tourist guide books. Although it’s not so off the beaten path, I definitely feel it is well worth the visit. Historically, it is interesting (if you’re into that), but the grounds that it sits upon are so enchanting that you will be delighted, although you may have to tune out the tour guide rambling on about British Naval history.

The museum is also neighbors to the most beautiful park in the world (scientific fact proven by yours truly). Talked about this park and my undying love for parks HERE. Sigh.

Bletchley Park

Bletchley park museum london

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, and don’t mind traveling outside of London, there’s the Bletchley Park Museum. Bletchley Park Museum was home to the English Government’s top secret code and cypher school during WWII. Secret-Churchill-Intelligence-Computer-Codes….Oh how exciting. I love this underground stuff.

Photo by Frankie Roberto



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