Random Act of Kindness in Berlin free subway ticket

Random Acts Of Kindness. Berlin, You Hath Redeemed Thyself

If you haven’t watched my video about my recent encounter with an Orc from Middle Earth (I mean….taxi cab driver) in Berlin who was angry and yelling at me, you can catch that video HERE.

It was not a nice welcome to Berlin. Well, today Berlin redeemed herself of that orc from middle earth cab driver.

How so?

I was in the U-Bahn station looking lost as usual. I couldn’t figure out which ticket I needed for the train and how many trains I would need to take. I approached a man who was using the ATM. He said that he would come over and help me as soon as he finished his transaction.

He did.

Not only did he give me directions, he handed me a train ticket and said “welcome to Berlin.”

I was shocked, grateful, and on my merry way (of course, after thanking him profusely). It was such a small gesture that meant so much.

Berlin? You and me are gonna go a long way kid. Okay, let me not get ahead of myself. I have a few more places scheduled in the upcoming months.

On the road, I meet a few descendents of middle earth. But I meet way more interesting, kind, open people (Or maybe I just CHOOSE to focus on the nice ones. Makes life feel better).

Au revoir

errr…I mean Auf Wiedersehen (in the grocery store yesterday I actually said “Si” to the cashier. I am in Germany. Si means yes…IN SPANISH. I couldn’t stop laughing-at myself-by myself. I am hopeless).


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