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Nerdy in Miami

When you think of Miami, you probably think glitz, glamour, beaches, and hip hotels. These are some of the very reasons I despised Miami for oh-so-long. Until….

I found a few spots that even us nerds would find interesting:

1.Books & Books

Independent, locally owned bookstores with several locations in the Miami area.… Read more

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3 Tools I Use to Plan My Travels

I love planning trips. It’s an exciting feeling researching, booking, and imagining the destination before you even get there.

But over the years, I have created a little system to help me keep track. In this short audio, I share 3 simple tools I use to help me plan my adventures.… Read more

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You Don’t Have To Cross The Globe To Help Someone In Need

You probably know by now that I love purposeful travel. In between leisure adventures, I love cultural immersion, language learning and especially volunteering and contributing as I travel.

Everybody knows that you should only volunteer internationally when you travel, right?

L-U-D-I-C-R-O-U-S, I say.

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Adjusting To Life As A Nomad

It’s Christmas morning. I wake up to the sound of a howling draft and the balcony wind charm dancing noisily. No Christmas carol singing here. Only the sound of the angry wind fussing ferociously with the ocean.  A lover’s quarrel that has endured the entire night.… Read more

Barcelona Blur 2013

Barcelona Blur

Some people call it location independence. Other people call it being a digital nomad.

These are both new terms for the concept of being free to move around and earn money from anywhere by using your laptop. This is what I now do full time (when not chillaxin with relatives in Florida).… Read more


5 Weird -and Fun -Things You May Not Know About Montreal

I am writing this post while sitting on the train from Montreal to Toronto, Canada. This has been a week of trains.

I flew to Halifax, Nova Scotia last week, where I spent about 4 days. I then hopped on a train to Montreal (well, my 34 year old behind hasn’t ‘hopped‘ ANYWHERE since childhood-I merely strolled up to the train and sat down in an empty seat).… Read more

How To Keep Going When Nothing Is Going As Planned

We all know that things don’t always go as planned. It’s just the way sh*t happens. I once heard a saying: Man plans, God laughs.

Sometimes that seems like law.

So how do you keep going? How do you stay motivated to achieve your goals?… Read more