Going Raw

One the challenges with nomadic living is food. Yes, you get to try different types of food in different countries. But it can be hella difficult trying to maintain any regular food preferences or lifestyle.

I have a tough time finding some of the foods I love at home. I also find certain parts of the world to lean heavily towards particular foods (breads/pastries/meat). None of which I am keen on. Especially since I am gluten free and find meat weighs me down (figuratively and literally).

Then there are the times when I don’t plan my accommodation well. I recently spent 2 weeks in a hotel in Berlin and was dying to leave (not Berlin, the hotel). Why? Because I couldn’t prepare, cook, or refrigerate my own food. I usually get an apartment when I travel (and Berlin reminded me why).

That got me thinking about raw food.

What if I mostly ate raw foods? Would that make my nomadic life  easier? Raw food is healthier, right?

But the idea first makes me think of hippies who hang out at health food stores sharing yoga poses (not that there’s anything wrong with that…or is there?)

It’s intimidating to go raw. Where do I start? Is it more than just apples and uncooked broccoli? Would I be getting enough protein? Is this lifestyle more fitting for the person who lives on the road?

I do love fruits, veggies, green drinks, salads, etc. But I also love a well grilled-seasoned slab of chicken breast. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea (second guessing myself already).

So many questions and things I am unsure about. For now, I will continue to eat my regular diet. But I ordered a book, Raw Food, and I am digging into it (the book, that is).

Let’s see what happens.







Photo by: Jennifer

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