I’ve Got a Brand New Pair of Skates

I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates (la la la)

Today I got a brand new pair of roller inline skates. I just finished celebrating.

Like a mad woman.

Remember how you felt on your best Christmas morning when you were a kid?

Well, I felt like that today. Only better because I knew I didn’t get any ugly sweaters from well meaning relatives. Nope.

Just a new pair of wheels….. that fly.

But before I share my celebratory shenanigans with you, you should know just why this is a moment of pure bliss for me.

For months, I have lived a life devoid of the blissful pleasure of a morning –or afternoon – or even  night – skate.

I have been on the road (living this crazy nomadic life of mine) since October 2013. Since then, I have only had the opportunity to skate for a few weeks (while visiting the fam back in Florida earlier this year). Then I hit the road again. Without skates. I don’t travel internationally with them.

Or should I say, I didn’t travel internationally with skates.  With the luggage restrictions and the fact that I have all of my most prized belongings lugging around the globe with me, I just didn’t have enough room. But all of that be damned. I am going to find a way to bring skates with me from now on. I miss flying skating WAY-TOO-MUCH.

Now I am in Stuttgart, Germany. And I’ve decided to stick around here for a minute. Or a month. Or 3. Who knows?  And I’ve been aching for my skates.

When I am out exploring the area, I often end up  drooling just thinking about skating along these crazy smooth paths around here.

Another thing that convinced me that I MUST get skates? The totally spontaneous trip I took last week to meet Inline instructor extraordinaire, Mark Davies, in Zurich, Switzerland where he had just finished one of his skate trip there (more on that in a later post). That meeting solidified it for me. It’s skate time.

So here I am now. In a post celebratory state. Standing on my new skates. In my (temporary) living room that is empty but for a small couch and an oh-so-functional white IKEA table (are all of their tables small and white?). I think there’s a lack of furniture in this apartment just for crazy skaters like me who don their skates even indoors (am I the only one?).

I just finished skate-dancing around the room belting out the chorus of one of my favorite songs “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates”.


  1. I love that song.
  2. Because new skates are ALWAYS cause for celebration. (mental note: write letter of apology to my poor neighbors for subjecting them to my not so good singing).

They are not the best. The skates, that is. I had few choices. I am new to this city and I cannot find a skate shop anywhere.  (I abhor shopping for skates in big department/general sports stores – actually I despise shopping period). But sometimes a girls gotta settle for what she can get (talking about skates here, not men).

I’ve planned my day tomorrow – including where and when I am going to skate. If it wasn’t already dark out, I would go for it now. Actually, maybe I will. It’s meditation time.

Meditation on wheels…………

New skates on a smooth trail are like warm chocolate on fresh strawberries. Too good to enjoy alone. I will definitely share tomorrow’s skate experience with you here on the blog.

I guess that’s the point of this blog after all. Me sharing about skating, food, and other randomness.

And since my life would finally be complete if you sang along with me like a mad person also (madness loves company), here’s the Youtube video of folk singer, Melanie Safka’s “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates”. CLASSIC. {side note: I believe the song is actually called Brand New Key – not I’ve Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates – titles shmittles. Who cares?}

I sing that song every time I get a new pair of skates. Actually I sing it even when my skates are old.

The finer things in life (ie skates…new or old) need absolutely no justification for wildly bursting into song.

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