A Day Trip to Zurich, Switzerland

Here I am sitting on a bus heading to Zurich, Switzerland for a day. Yes, one day. 2 days ago Zurich wasn’t even in my immediate travel plans. Then everything changed when I heard about skate trips hosted by a Mark Davies (I have been on several skate trips. Love em. Plan to do more and maybe even organize a few in the future).



Back to Mark Davies.

I devoured his website  (www.skateinstructor.com)and started emailing questions about  a trip he had listed to Spain in about a month. In  the email I must’ve blabbed on about how much I love skating and wish I could do it all day every day (or most days, at least).

That started a few emails back and forth and somewhere in the midst he mentioned that he would be doing a trip in Zurich that weekend and I would be welcome to come along and chat with him about possibly becoming a skate instructor one day (he offers instructor training).

That weekend was 2 days away. YIKES! I had no idea how to get to Zurich. And most importantly I had no skates. I have been nomadic (traveling around) since October 2013 and just couldn’t add the weight of skates to my luggage.

My initial thought about going to Zurich in 2 days was: YES!

I am usually very spontaneous and love last-minute-drop-of-a-dime-kinda-plans.

This Yes started turning into a HELL YES when I found a bus that goes from Stuttgart (where I am staying right now) to Zurich in 3 hours for 15 Euro.

But still no skates.

I searched online for a skate shop in Stuttgart.

No luck

Just run-of-the-mill sports stores with the usual limited selection of recreational inlines.

So, I made an executive decision (who says you have to be an executive to make an executive decision?).

I decided to take the bus to Zurich (somewhere I always wanted to visit anyway- like everywhere else in the world) spend the day strolling around and meet with Mark the day after his trip ended so we could chat about this crazy idea of me becoming a skate instructor.

And so it came to pass that over a 2 day period I booked a bus ticket to Zurich and started preparing for the journey (ie preparing my stomach for all the Swiss chocolate I was going to eat)

Fast forward to the following Tuesday (the day of my bus trip):

Outside bus going to zurich Switzerland for a day trip travel
Meinfernbus – fairly new German bus company with tons of routes through Germany, Austria, & Switz

The day was AMAZING. Mark was beyond awesome as a skate instructor and a witty-tell-it-like-it is type of person (my fav).

Turns out I didn’t eat any Swiss chocolate in Zurich. Tempted as I was, I was more excited about the city and my new skating ventures to come in Germany – and hopefully Switzerland too.

But no worries…I will definitely be back in Zurich to try some chocolate and treats. It may be expensive as ever (I paid 26 swiss Francs –about 30 US dollars- for lunch in a damn train station), but I was surprised how cool the city is. The architecture, the scenery, and the hotties (hey, a girl can look, can’t she?).

Update: I did get a pair of skates about a week after this day trip to Zurich. I was just too excited about skating again.

Here are a few pics:

zurich switzerland travel trip europe skating
This body of water is in the middle of downtown Zurich. The water is CLEAR. Amazing for its location.


busy street crossing zurich switzerland travel trip bus
Busy street crossing in the city (Zurich)


trams zurich switzerland travel trip europe skating

zurich switzerland travel trip europe skating


Of course, so many banks

zurich switzerland travel trip europe skating
Banks, banks, & more banks (of course…because…Switzerland)

And of course…………CHOCOLATE!

zurich switzerland travel trip europe skating



I’ll be back!!!!!!!!!!!