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Its not that you aren’t smart enough to build a blog on your own, it’s that you don’t have the time (or energy) to search the gazillion -yes, gazillion- different tutorials, articles, and videos out there.

You just want to know what you need to do right now to:

  1. Build the blog (the right way)
  2. Start getting people interested (and coming back)
  3. Maintain it in the simplest, less time consuming way possible

What if instead of trial and error, searching through tons of different resources and websites about building your blog the right way, you got the information that you needed to start now and start right?

That’s what the build a blog course is.

A step by step interactive media guide that will take you by the hand (well, not literally. I am not into holding hands with strangers) but I am in to helping you not waste all the time I did when I starting building my own blogs.

Building a blog can be simple. Especially when you use the right tools.

The number 1 tool I teach you how to use in this course is WordPress. It’s the one common factor in my blogs is that I they were all built on the WordPress platform. Why? It just makes sense. is arguably the #1 blog building platform. It’s straightforward to use, relatively free (you do have to pay for your blog name and monthly hosting), and is robust (there are tons of design and feature options to customize your blog to your fancy. And let’s face it, some of you are fancy).

This course guides you through building your blog on the WordPress platform (of course, why would I deviate from something that is clearly the best).

I have built a few. I think 9 to be exact. Some are still in existence (,, and others are in the ever growing internet graveyard. Some were hobbies and fun, other are how I earn my income to travel, support my ever growing book collection, and of course eat foot and not sleep under a bridge at night (bridges have poor lighting and do not allow for my hourly book reading at night).

What do you get with the Build a WordPress Blog Course?

48 page pdf guide and 8 videos with step by step instructions:

  • How to build your blog from scratch, customize it using added features (plugins & widgets)
  • How –and where – to choose a design framework (choosing the right theme for your blog makes a big difference in how your blog looks and functions).
  • Social Media tips for getting traffic (eyes) to your blog (including an entire video on Twitter for traffic)
  • Ideas and tips for monetizing your blog (if you want to earn money from your blog, I am going to go over some of the most common options that work-including options I use to earn from my blogs).

How much will it cost you to have your blog up and running this Sunday afternoon (or, whenever you want)?

  • $23 for the entire program. You read that right. You get a lot with this program (I am quite proud of this fair offer and crazy-amazing-value you will get from the course).
  • The cost of your domain name (example + hosting (you have to have this to make all of your pretty pictures and words live and visible on the web – I walk you through all of this in the course). A domain is typically around $10/year and hosting around $10/month. You do not purchase the domain/hosting from me. I am just giving you a heads-up about the most basic expenses that come along with building a blog on the platform.

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