Blogging in a bar in mallorca spain

Blogging In A Bar

Here I am blogging. In a bar. Again.

It’s not the first time I have blogged from a bar. The woes of finding internet on the road sometimes lead you to blogging, skyping, connecting where ever you can find a decent connection.

I try to make sure that the apartments I stay in have wifi, but even when it is listed as having wifi, and the owner reassures you that there is wifi, you STILL can end up without it (as happened when I stayed in Barcelona).

When I started searching for apartments here in Mallorca, Spain I could tell that I was up for a challenge.

When you work and travel independently, finding the right digs isn’t always easy. Most of the services, like Airbnb, are catering to vacationers (who incidentally care less about fast wifi, kettles, and cooking utensils. And instead care more about proximity to the beach….. and the nearest bar).

After searching online for hours over about 4 days straight, I did find a place here with wifi (and my other must-haves), but the speed-oh-the-speed. Or should I say the slow-as-molasses-connection-speed. It is painful. When it takes almost 3 hours to upload a video to Youtube, that’s when you know you have a connection issue.

So I made my way around town and quickly dipped into a bar boasting fast wifi (liquor + wifi. Who knew?).

I don’t mind being surrounded by alcohol and people who are tipsy at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. But what does get to me is the blaring music that even my headphones can’t drown out.

Here are few things that help me still get work done even when there’s blaring music in the background and people who are already tipsy at 3 o’clock:

  1. A list of things to do (if I don’t have a specific list of what I need to do, when I get there all the distractions…well…distract me)
  2. Headphones
  3. Refraining from temptation (alcohol, that is. Some people may work well on a beer or 2. I don’t. I struggle with grammar when I am sober. Trying to type while intoxicated? Well, that would be scary).

It’s early still. I have a few more weeks here and will find an internet café or library. I just needed something quick and close to me.


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