Rock Art & Medieval Dwellings in the Beautiful Village of Albarracin, Spain

“In the great cities we see so little of the world, we drift into our minority. In the little towns and villages there are no minorities; people are not numerous enough. You must see the world there, perforce. Every man is himself a class; every hour carries its new challenge.” – W.B. YeatsThe Celtic Twilight: Faerie and Folklore

Have you ever been to Albarracin, Spain?

Probably not.

I could wager that you’ve never heard of it either.

Some say this tiny village is the most beautiful village in Spain. What makes this village so remarkable? Here are just a few things:

1. Middle aged flair

Albarracin Spain World Travel off beaten pathPhoto by Orval Rochefort

Nearly untouched from the middle ages, the village looks like a page straight out of the medieval chapters of a history book. The village appears to be untouched by modern civilization.

Albarracin is located about 2 hours from Valencia, Spain and just 30 minutes from Teruel. The history of this village, which sits almost 4,ooo feet above sea level, is marked by its conquer and settlement by the Moors.

2. Intriguing rock art

Who needs fancy museums with artificial light? Or man-made canvases? In Albarracin, you’ll find art carved right in to rock.

Albarracin Spain Rock art off the beaten path world travel

Albarracin Spain rock art purple wall world travel off the beaten path

Photography by Turol Jones

3. The loveley meandering river

Pictured here is El Guadalaviar River. The river runs below the city. You can gaze down on it from the town or take a leisurely stroll alongside it via wooden bridge walkways.

Albarracin Spain River World Travel Weird

Photography by Sergloski

4. Need more reasons?

Albarracin Spain Panorama World Travel off the beaten path


Photo by Josem Iborra Teruel

Albarracin Spain Cathedral World Travel Off the beaten path

Photography by Sergloski

Albarracin is definitely high up on my list.