Travel Adventures that are off the beaten path

A few nerdy facts about me:

*I love to travel to weird & nerdy places. I’ll take a unique bookstore over a popular carnival any day.

I’m a word nerd. I suppose that’s why I love reading and writing so much.

*I’m a fan of slow travel. I especially love cross-country train rides.

*I love to dance. You can’t dance too much. Scientific FACT. I’ve studied these things.

*I’m a sci-fi-book-reading-science-loving-NERD.

*That’s me over there sipping on freshly squeezed pomegranate-juice-market-israel-250x270pomegranate juice in a market in Israel.

*I Skate (parks, trails, & empty parking lots when I can find em. It keeps me semi-fit. Mucho important since fitness is one of my other obsessions that I nerd out on).

*I’m also a Nursecanada 2013 train halifax montreal side shot. I actually built a business online helping other nurses with career, writing, and business stuff.


*I Love to learn new things. Some are useful and some totally useless (did you know that ichthyology is the study of fish?)

*I’m insanely grateful that you are here.


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