5 Weird -and Fun -Things You May Not Know About Montreal

I am writing this post while sitting on the train from Montreal to Toronto, Canada. This has been a week of trains.

I flew to Halifax, Nova Scotia last week, where I spent about 4 days. I then hopped on a train to Montreal¬†(well, my 34 year old behind hasn’t ‘hopped‘ ANYWHERE since childhood-I merely strolled up to the train and sat down in an empty seat).

I spent a few days in Montreal and now I am back on Canada’s Via Rail Train service heading to Toronto.

Montreal was lovely.

Really-surprisingly-beyond my expectations-love it when this happens- LOVELY.

I love it when I visit a city for the 1st time and see things I didn’t expect.

Here are are 5 things I didn’t know about Montreal before this visit (and I am guessing that unless you’ve been there, you didn’t know these things either):

1. They have the same big gaudy yellow school buses – a la USA

Yellow School Bus in Montreal, Canada

2. Cats love cuddling up with books almost -almost – as much as I do

I love finding cute & quaint bookstores the world over. I found one on a busy street in Montreal.

The Highlight?

The owner had 2 of his cats in the store. This one was on the chair snuggled up in a home of books…ahhhhh the book life. I am thinking this cat is a Nerd Trekker like the rest of us. They’re just resting their paws, reading by osmosis, and will be off on the next adventure soon!!!

[This one has NOTHING to do with Montreal, I just love books, bookstores, and occasionally cats]

Cat snuggled up in bookstore in Montreal, Canada 2013

3. Montrealites (is that a word?) are so talented that they know how to make french fries a complete meal.

I walked and walked and walked to find La Banquise. The place that too many people said served up the BEST Poutine (a fast food dish of fries, cheese, and gravy-not my typical food, but when in Montreal…..). Poutine is said to have originated here in Montreal. Was the walk worth it? I suppose. I could only finish about a third of it. But after walking for so long in the cold and getting lost about 3 times, I was just so damn happy to sit down in the warmth. womp womp womp.

Poutine - A fast food dish -fries, cheese + gravy - said to have originated in Montreal

4. Telephone booths still exist. And yes, they even work.

Relics from a time gone by.

Telephone Booth in Montreal, Canada 213

5. There’s a mountain…..with STAIRS! I braved the climb up Mont Royal Park to capture gorgeous city views at the top.

Worth it?


Mont Royal Park, Montreal, Canada 2013


Am I the only one who didn’t know some of these things before I visited this great city? How about you?

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