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Reflections on a Year Living in Germany

It’s been almost a year since I left Mainz, Germany. Incidentally, I was living there for a year, also. I’ve written very little about my experience there. It was one of the toughest years of my life. Perhaps through the space of time, I’ve developed a comfort with the experience.… Read more

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Writing Through Pain

There are times I feel so much pain it’s unbearable. Pain over rejection and failed relationships, umpteen business projects gone wrong, family tragedies that feel so deep I wake up hoping it was just a nightmare – but it wasn’t. It’s life.… Read more

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Write More, Think Less

My ex-boyfriend used to see my wheels turning. You know, the I-am-replaying-the-tiniest-thing-in-my-mind-that-I- may potentially-make-into-the-biggest-unnecessary-mountain wheels. When he would see I was in that moment, he’d say, “Don’t think too much, let’s do xyz.” xyz being cook, go out, Netflix, cuddle whatever.… Read more

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17 Ways to Make This Year Extraordinary

1999 rolled into the year 2000 and your world didn’t end. Or did it? What’s changed (by your choice) since then?Are you still in the same place – emotionally, financially, physically? Does each new year feel the same as the last?… Read more

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Learn and Implement ANYTHING

Are you rolling around on the webinar wheel? The wheel of strategies and tactics wrapped up on shiny, must watch webinars? If you sell products/services/books/your art online -or you want to start selling them – you’re probably on this wheel. Or you’ve been on the wheel at one point.… Read more

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Antidotes for Criticism

If you can’t handle criticism, I have a suggestion. You can do nothing. You can stay home playing games, scrolling around on the internet, watching TV until your eyes bleed purple. But you can’t create. Anything. The minute you write, or produce, or create, criticism will come.… Read more

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7 Steady Steps to Reinventing Yourself

We don’t like the word steady. It’s un-sexy, banal, and boring. But, steady works. Steady is a slow -and practical- progression from one place to another. That’s what you want, right? Still with me? Good.

Nobody’s handing in their resignation tomorrow, or writing a Dear John letter (unless that’s what you’ve been planning on).… Read more

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How to Be Amazing

In middle school I thought everyone else was amazing….but me. The other girls had cool clothes, trendy shoes, and an endless supply of scrunchies to adorn their wrists. I had none of these. We were poor.

My Mom didn’t understand the scrunchy movement.… Read more

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How I Stopped Feeling Scared All the Time

I used to feel scared. A lot. I’m getting better. Sometimes the feeling still grips me. But nobody knows (until now). People think I have it all together-whatever that means. When I was nomadic for 2 years (I’ve settled down again for now), people would ask me about my lifestyle:

They’d ask: “Don’t you feel scared?”

me: “Not really”

Sure.… Read more

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Weird & Nerdy London

London is known for its famous tourist attractions. Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, The London Eye blah blah blah YAWN.

Here are some of my favorite weird & nerdy spots that may not be as popular as The Big Ben, but are way more interesting (if you’re into these nerdy type of things).… Read more

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Going Raw

One the challenges with nomadic living is food. Yes, you get to try different types of food in different countries. But it can be hella difficult trying to maintain any regular food preferences or lifestyle.

I have a tough time finding some of the foods I love at home.… Read more

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Blogging In A Bar

Here I am blogging. In a bar. Again.

It’s not the first time I have blogged from a bar. The woes of finding internet on the road sometimes lead you to blogging, skyping, connecting where ever you can find a decent connection.… Read more