24 Life Lessons From 24 Months of Being a Nomad

I’m unsure about a lot of things. I’m not sure if I’m a full-time traveler or a nomad or an expat. I abhor labels. But words are labels and we have to use words to communicate (I haven’t quite mastered the telepathy thing yet).… Read more

mainz christmas markets travel germany

Christmas Markets in Germany

I finally made it to a few Christmas markets in Germany. The highlights of the German Christmas Markets are Gluwein (warm German wine) and FOOD. There are warm crepes, covered nuts, varieties of chocolate, and of course….wurst. In case you didn’t know, wurst is German for sausage.… Read more

Weird & Nerdy Travel Gadgets

As a follow-up to the previous weird & nerdy travel gadgets, here are some more.

The B-Tourist partitioning band. This has to be one of the most interesting contraptions I have seen. period. This strange looking cloth-band-thingy purports to give you the ultimate privacy – without being an first-class pod style seating.… Read more

fountain mainz germany travelling

On Learning German (or any language)

Since I have decided to stick around in Germany for a minute (or 2), I am learning the language. Well, learning the language is actually one of the reasons I decided to stay. As I bounce around, I like to feel productive (whatever that means).… Read more

Upside down house mallorca magaluf spain

The Upside Down House; Mallorca, Spain

Do you feel like your house is upside down? Are things scattered everywhere and you never get around to putting everything in place?  Well here’s some good news: there is a house that is certifiably more-upside-down than yours. Yay! Now you can relax and feel better about your pig sty upside down abode.… Read more

My day trip by bus from stuttgart germany to zurich switzerland travel

A Day Trip to Zurich, Switzerland

Here I am sitting on a bus heading to Zurich, Switzerland for a day. Yes, one day. 2 days ago Zurich wasn’t even in my immediate travel plans. Then everything changed when I heard about skate trips hosted by a Mark Davies (I have been on several skate trips.… Read more

overlooking sea and cliffs swanage dorset england great britain

The Scenic Town of Swanage, England

A close family friend invited me to spend 4 splendid days in their delightful cottage in a Town called Swanage. The small town sits in the County of Dorset, which is South West England. With rolling green hills in one direction, and the English shore in the other, there are stunning views all around.… Read more

queen london england great britain

A Few Weird & Nerdy Spots in London

London is known for its famous tourist attractions. Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, The London Eye blah blah blah YAWN.

Here are some of my favorite weird & nerdy spots that may not be as popular as The Big Ben, but are way more interesting (if you’re into these nerdy type of things).… Read more

journey to raw food eating

Going Raw

One the challenges with nomadic living is food. Yes, you get to try different types of food in different countries. But it can be hella difficult trying to maintain any regular food preferences or lifestyle.

I have a tough time finding some of the foods I love at home.… Read more

Blogging in a bar in mallorca spain

Blogging In A Bar

Here I am blogging. In a bar. Again.

It’s not the first time I have blogged from a bar. The woes of finding internet on the road sometimes lead you to blogging, skyping, connecting where ever you can find a decent connection.… Read more


Nerdy In Berlin

I planned to spend the day exploring a few of Berlin’s more weird and nerdy places, but I ended up working spending way too much time going down the rabbit-hole of 2 interesting new blogs I found (oh the internets, how you seduce me so).… Read more